Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Men's engangement

Salam to all my dear friends and family..

My brother just got engaged last Friday, and I am so happy that my brother has found a wonderful girl to spend the rest of his life..i just wanted to share his most memorable event in my blog. 

Aksi yg tk boleh blah..hahahaha


Happeningla u guyss!!!

Cepat Iffeen order n makan apa..:)

Dah ready nk g meminang anak dara kt Machang..:)

My Abg Wan jadi orang kuat on that particular event.

Nice hantaran dari both sides

My future sister in law..the youngest..:)

Nice couple..:)

InsyaAllah kita jumpa lagi tahun depan k.

So excited to welcome a new sister in law into the family! Congrats to Men and Lynn! Love you guys. GREAT pictures!!