Thursday, 16 December 2010

CIP - TAX Year-End Party!!

Salam semua,

Dah lama rasanya saya tak mengupdate blog ni. Bukannya sibuk apa pun, cuma sibuk dengan aktiviti jalan-jalan ke Penang & balik kampung selama seminggu (campur sabtu ahad + cuti Maal Hijrah = 9 days). Seminggu? Yess..seminggu sebab kena clearkan annual leave for this year. Nak carry fwd pun tak cutila.

Sebelum tu, department CIP ni buat party2 sket tuk akhir tahun ni. Tukar2 hadiah, farewell for my bos Azlee, birthday celebration for Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec. Nothing much to say just enjoy the pics k.

Dear all

Here are the details for the CIP-Tax year-end party:

Date: 26th November 2010 (Friday)
Time: 5pm onwards
Venue: Suasana Sentral Loft


5:00 pm: Secret Santa Gift Exchange
5.30 pm: Dinner
7:00 pm: Appreciation and acknowledgement
7:30 pm: Last call for dinner!
8:00 pm: HOME!!

The location for the event near by the pool.

Me & Ezza

At the lobby. Ezza, Flora, Me & Has

The presents from secret Santa

My secret santa is Ng Mei Lyn...thanks!!!

Time to unwrap the present..:)

My bos Azlee & Ms Teh

Our food..sangat marvelous..sedapp!!

Our table deco

Wani, Yu Ming, Shaby, Has, Me & Rumiza

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec birthday boys & girls..:)

The whole team in CIP

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Kiki's wedding


20 November 2010, saya sekeluarga ke Ayer Hitam, Johor. Kenduri kahwin Khadijah (Kiki) & Hariff. Majlis ni berlangsung dia Dewan Putra, Ayer Hitam.

Perjalanan kami mengambil masa selama 2 jam ke sana. Smooth journey.

On the way to Johor.

The pelamin, RED & BLACK concept.

Siap ada gamelan...saya LEBIH suka irama gamelan ni...instead of karaoke (terpekik @ naynyi ntah hape hape) or DJ yg brsuara sentiasa bising..isshh..rimas!!

Pengantin berarak masuk ke dewan

Pengantin bersanding

US, Abg Bok's family, Uncle, Auntie, Papa...kami conqure that table..:)

Pengantin lambat sgt sampai...lepak kat luaq plak..sambung sembang dgn K.Mariah.

Me, K.Mariah & Irdina..wajib pos kat sangkaq burung ni..:)

Selesai majlis dalam pukul 3 lebih, kami semua beransur-ansur balik..nothing much to do there, perut pun dah kenyang...time to' time to go home. Back to KL pun smooth jugak...cuma area Ayir Keroh ada speed trap plak tiba-tiba. Syukur kami selamat.

Sampai puchong, minum petang kt Bravo cafe near Men's place pastu balik rumah Men rehat-rehat kejap, pastu kami pun balik Kepong. Tiring jugakla walaupun i tak drive.

Friday, 26 November 2010

TLS/CIP outing @ Sunway

Hari tu TAX away day. Kali CIP away day plak. Tak lain dan tak bukan event kt Sunway. Sunway ni most convenience place to everybody I guess. Pasni family day pulak…PUN kat Sunway jugak….@ Sunway Lagoon on 19 December 2010. Sebelum tu our KSP nite (Kelab Sukan pwc) nite on 10 December 2010 @ One World Hotel, theme The Mad Hatter's Dinner Party!

Main event is CIP mini archery tournament. Tak pernah-pernah seumur hidup saya main archery ni. This is my first time…so why not give a try and its free. Eh’ bukan freela…dept belanja..hehehe..:)

Dear all,
We are pleased to inform that our CIP Away Day has been confirmed to be rescheduled (dah banyak kali tukar date ni) to 9 November 2010 (Tuesday).

Details are as follows:-
9 November 2010 (Tuesday)
4:00 pm till late
Sunway Pyramid
Dress code:
No rules !! Casual attire and jeans are ONLY allowed if you are not meeting with clients. Jeans must be full-length, dark colours only. No hole-y, frayed/tattered or stone washed material allowed. For footwear, sneakers are allowed and NOT sandals/flip-flops.
Make your own way there

Lepas solat zohor, saya, Eza, Flora, Wani & Has gerak ke Sunway convoy. We had lunch at Full House. Ni semua gara-gara Haz yang minat sangat citer korea…sampai nak makan pun nak kena cari tempat yang ada aura2 korea jugak..haaihlaa…xpe layaann.

Sampai sana aje, we all love the ambience – white finishing & spacious area. Dah rasa macam makan kat big banglo mewah la plak….tempat tu sungguh putih, suci dan bersih conceptnya. Ala- ala English style la plak…very nice. Meh kita tengok gambar-gambar kat sana.

My lunch - Chicken Chop set – RM18.00
The grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato, and daily vege was one of our favorite, as the black pepper raisin sauce went well with the chicken.

After the makan-makan, went to check out its corner with items for sale. They at the same time sell clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Cute nice deco.

I personally think that the food is very nice here... the ambience make the outshine the food more nicer. And while you are there, do take lots of photographs, for the photo will turn out nice, at almost any angle you take it.

@ Stars Archery, Sunway Pyramid with Jess, Evelyn & Ezza

Gigih practice dulu sebelum actual tournament.

Aim for YELLOW tauu!!


Yvonne, Wei Yee, Flora & Wani

Ezza, Has, Wani & Khue

Zeta team - Ken, Me & Yu Ming.
We are the winner 1st place!!!

Buffet dinner @ Shogun

Thursday, 25 November 2010

France - Paris

Salam my dear friends

This is my last post on my Europe journey. Final destination is Paris. Best tak pegi Paris? How should I answer that question? Ramai yang suka pegi Paris ni sebab ia merupakan kota paling romantic..sesuaila nak pegi honeymoon dan juga syurga fesyen kt sana. Paris memang cantik, dan banyak tempat-tempat menarik untuk dikunjungi. Baru-baru ni AA pun dah ada direct flight to u guys..apa lagi cepat book..tengah murah tu..:) :)

Paris preserves many vestiges of its past. Hosting numerous art galleries, museums and theatres, it has grown into a significant centre of international trade with ever-growing modern business districts.

For me, cukupla sekali saya kt Paris ni. I wont go there again…rasanya Paris is not my type of country to go again. I went there during summer..cuaca panas…traffic jem here and there…semak dengan manusia-manusia…sales here and there (kalau banyak $$ mmg best nak beli barang-barang branded). Mungkin kalau dapat pegi during winter ke….spring ke…lain pulak ceritanya kan.

Perjalanan dari Dijon ke Paris mengambil masa selama 4 jam. Kami menginap dia Mercure Le Coudray Montceaux hotel lebih kurang setengah jam dari bandar Paris.

Me, Kak Zah and Julia. Julia ni pan pal K.Bisma since they was 11 yrs old. Nice of her to come to meet us there and join the crowd.

The one place that everyone wants to see is the Eiffel Tower. When you are at the tower, take the lift that will leave you breathless.

Nampak serabut ET ni sbb tgh renovations.

2nd level of the tower with En Mokhtar, En Sabaruddin and Tn Syed.

The view of the area around the Eiffel Tower is beautiful when high up looking around. You can see the tower from the distance, but you cannot appreciate the beauty until you see it up close.

The famous street, the Champs Elysees with it's Arc deTriomphe...It's more beautiful to me from a distance. The Champs Elysées is a magnet for romantics and one of the most visited streets in Paris.

Galeries Lafayette: Paris’ Most Famous Department Store.The stuff you’ll find on the shelves and racks of Galeries Lafayette isn’t cheap. You’ll find designer duds here, many by up-and-coming labels, along with the requisite perfume, makeup, and home decor that department stores the world over are famous for stocking.

The center of the building is open and atrium-like, and it’s capped by a gorgeous dome made of glass and steel.

Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris
The church of La Madeleine is located north of Place de la Concorde and is one of the famous landmarks in Paris. The church is notorious for its size and history. It resembles a large Greek temple.

The famous street, the Champs Elysees with it’s Arc de’s more beautiful to me from a distance, because once you’re actually strolling along, it’s very touristy in the shop’s merchandise and you can’t truly enjoy the French architecture.

The opulent Opéra de Paris Garnier. It is the most important symbol of the 19th century Second Empire baroque style. It was the hiding place of the 'Phantom of the Opera' in Paul Leroux's famous play. The majestic Opéra Garnier is now mainly used for ballet performances. It was also officially renamed 'Palais Opera'.

Sesiapa yang nak shopping LV kt sini..boleh la kumpul duit dari sekarang. Harga boleh tahan, i went there its on SALE...LONG Q..'sigh' Saya tak beli..sbb tak mampu dan tak minat LV..ahaakss..:P

Simpang nak masuk hotel

Depan hotel kami ada ladang gamdum..:)

My last day in Paris. So little time SO manythings to see.

So, tamat sudah perjalanan saya selama 2 minggu di negara orang. It’s was a great experienced. Tak akan dapat lagi peluang macam ini lagi. Kalau tak pegi sekarang, bila lagi ye dak? Once in a life time trip.

Semoga pembaca sekalian enjoy dengan serba sedikit info mengenai those countries that I’ve visited. Banyak lagi sebenarnya ingin diceritakan…tapi, saya ni kurang arif sangat nak menulis dan bercerita. Sikit-sikit tu bolehla..kalau ada sesiapa nk bertanya mengenai trip ni…boleh aje saya menjawab. Kalau nak diikutkan mmg banyak gambar nak post kat blog ni, tapi kalau dah byk gambar orang jemu pulak nak tengok kan…cukupla tu apa yang ada..sebagai bukti saya dah sampai kt negara-negara tersebut.

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki…saya nk pegi jelajah Rome, Italy & Venice plak..:)