Saturday, 20 February 2010

An encounter with a bad apple....

On way back home from Pavilion, as usual, I ikut Jalan Tun Razak menuju ke Jalan Kuching. As I reached the overhead atas Bulatan Pahang tu, I toleh kat rear mirror I. I nampaklah motor polis 2 bijik mengiringi 2 Mini Cooper, followed by MPVs and SUVs. Who the hell these people are, beats me! Belum sempat I nak ketepi, si motor polis bahalol yang pertama tadi pergi ketuk tepi keter I!! Hampeh betul!! Memang hangin betul I. Ni yg rasa macam nak tukar LEXUS - HARRIER NI!! Bukannya I tak nak ke tepi, tak sempat. Dahlah siren bunyinya nak tak nak. Macamanalah kita nak respek mangkuk-mangkuk hayun camni. I know that not all policemen are like that. But these types are the ones that spoil the image. Macam penyangak!! Hidup asyik disumpah-seranah orang aje.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

False hope..

A lot of people give false hope whether they realise it or not. Some don't have the heart to say no while some are just enjoying the ride. They just love to receive attention but not willing to give the same back for some reason or another. Coward? Selfish? Perhaps. Or they could either be blind as a bat or just plain ignorant.

I guess for the 'victims', as long as they don't know, they're fine. Or some choose to be ignorant too. Knowing that if they choose to notice, their ride could end. A ride which with such hopes, brings them happiness, eventhough temporary. Sad? Maybe. Wrong? Maybe not.

So, can anything be done about it? For starters, the 'giver' could stop. Or then, the 'victim' could hitch a ride elsewhere, where their contribution or attention are genuinely and rightfully acknowledged or returned. Don't waste your time. Some things are not worth pursuing even if the 'crime' was not intentional to begin with. Unless both parties enjoy the ride for their own reasons, why bother wondering whether there's future. Let it be....

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I'd like to talk about acknowledgement. Of which I think it's important. You acknowledge your subordinate's work, you acknowledge your friend's help, or even acknowledge someone's presence, to name a few examples. And it helps being acknowledged. It boosts your morale and confidence and definitely makes you happy and strive to become a better person. Even being noticed is already good enough. Knowing that there are people who read my blog with all these rubbish postings is already satisfying. Or when someone quotes you (and even uses it against you), it shows that people do listen. That is still good enough. But in order for you to be acknowledged or being noticed, you need to do it to. What goes around, comes around.

And the most wonderful part is when people acknowledge or notice you when least expected. Sweet..:)