Sunday, 21 June 2015

PwC PM Away Day 2015

Salam to all my dear friends and family

It's time for us to vote on our preferred PM Away Day activity for 2015. The Committee has short listed 4 venues which they thought most suitable for our needs and fits this year's budget. Locations are Hadyai, Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort, Pulau Pangkor and The Majestic Hotel, KL. I've voted for Hadyai..!! But....:( :( :(

Finally, they've got a venue! The  Committee trust that we all appreciate the final decision, which took into account the votes, costing synergies and final number of attendees.

The 2015 PM Away Day Committee is proud to confirm the following..

Venue : Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort
Bagan Lalang

Date :  9 - 10 May 2015
Itinerary :

Day 1 - 9 May 2015

7.30am     Registration & Ice-breaker session @ LG
8.30 am Depart for Avani Resort
10.00 am Arrive at Avani Resort (unload luggage)
10.30 am PM Team Meeting
1.30 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Check-in
4.00 pm Tele-match (facilitated by Committee)
5.00 pm Zumba Dance (facilitated by AVANI)
6.00 pm Rest and Relaxation
8.00 pm Dinner @ Seafood Restaurant*
Free & Easy after dinner

The main entrance.

Speech by LLL

Group discussions 


Our lunch held at Bila Bila Rest, kena naik buggy ni..jauh jugak kalau nak menapak..huhu. Dari lobi utama ada buggy yang akan hantar ke club house.  Memang kerapla trip buggy ni.  So, yang mana stay di villa antar lobi dan club house to boleh tahan je buggy untuk naik sekali.  Kalau dah penuh tunggu next trip..:)

Bila-Bila Restaurant - our food is ready.

Kak Sue, Yati and Sheila

Our villa is at Trunk 7 room 702..dekat sangat dengan dining area.

Can't wait to see the room

Accommodation is quad sharing (4 pax per room). 

We'll be staying in Family Villas that have 1 King sized bed and 2 Single beds, and 2 toilets.

AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort features villas-on-stilts over the Straits of Malacca and offer comprehensive facilities which include an infinity pool, spa, and 6 dining choices.

Guests would be amazed by its luxurious villas which provides the ultimate comfort of classic wood furnishings, spacious layouts as well as comfortable wood flooring. By having a vacation at AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort, guests could enjoy cool sea breezes and magnificent views at both the outdoor and indoor seating areas.

Lepas dah puas explore's time for us to change to sport attire.  

Tele-match :

The committee arranged for the following fun games for our Away Day:

Poison Water Balloon + Find Candies in Flour + Godzilla Walk

There are prizes for those taking part in the tele-matches. Prizes will be given away during dinner.  To those that not participating in the tele-matches, they do join in to support their friends and colleagues. LET'S HAVE FUN!!!

After the tele-matches, we're invited to join the AVANI facilitated activity -  ZUMBA DANCE.  Move and shake our body to the nice music and enjoy the dance coaching from the AVANI Facilitator.

Bersantai kat hammock..:)

Avani dari kejauhan...hehehe 

Balik bilik...get ready for tonite's dinner.

Our theme for the PM Away Day DINNER BUT NO DANCE is... 


While awaiting sunset, selfie or wefie with your colleagues. 
Let's have a great night in our own beach attire and enjoy our yummy dinner.

We want to see who will stand-out in the most creative and prettiest attire of the night. 
wink wink.... !!!

Sunset from our room..MasyaAllah..cantiknyaa..!!

Lucky draw..tak sangka ada ada kertas stick under our chair..hehehe. Rezeki..rezeki..alhamdulillah. 

Makan malam yang sedap..hingga menjilat pinggan...i like seafood so much..!!

2015 banner..:)

Kak Siti yang cun...yang super aktif..dan juga committee member for this year away day.

Day 2 - 10 May 2015

From 7.00 am Breakfast
Rest & Relax (own activities)
12.30pm Check-out
1.00 pm Depart for 1 Sentral
3.00 pm Arrive at 1 Sentral

Lapaq dah ni..nk p breakfast. 

Infinity pool.  Ada juga pool untuk kanak-kanak.  Jadi sapa nak p swim tu bolehla..sayangnya pool ni kecik la..huhuhu.  Selain pool, ada gym, spa, private beach and banyak outdoor activities macam ATV & go-cart. Bolehla nak try to those yang nak try.

My breakfast for that day.

Yati yg supper excited with the food...hehehe

Me & Kak Su menanti dengan penuh kesabaran...hehehe 

Lepas breakfast it's time for us to tour the resort.

Cycling pun best kat sini.  Bersepah-sepah basikal...amek ajer mana-mana yang berkenan. Tapi first come first serve basis  yea.  

Lama sangat dah tak cycling..nasib baik skill tu masih mantop..!!

Ni kira dah hujung trunk. Trunck 5 - 536. Ni mmg seaview la..bilik yang open sea.

Us by the beach

Lepak jap sementara tunggu nak checkout.

 Buggie bring us back to our trunck 7.

ts time for us to pack and check-out and go home.  

Kalau sesapa yang stress kat office ke kat rumah tu ke kan...mehla datang sini.  Boleh berehat ala-ala orang kayer..!! Memang hilang stress.  Aman, damai, tenang je.  Sungguh tak puas datang sini rasa nak datang lagi. Rate paling murah pun RM600++.  Paliing mahal RM3k++. Apa-apa pun resort 5-Star ni memang terbest la...!!